Web enabled Cloud scale Bioinformatics for Genome Analysis

Principals and Scientific Advisors

Core team of principals and scientific advisors with combined 150+ years of domain experience and expertise in areas of Genomics, Molecular Biology, Next Generation Sequencing, Microbial Genomics, Plant Genomics, Immunology, Virology, Cancer Research, Microfluidics, Therapeutic Sciences, Bioinformatics, Wet Labs, Enterprise Software Products, Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, High Performance Microprocessor Designs and Electronic Design Automation.

Extensive industry experiences spanning Roche Diagnostics, Roche Sequencing, UCSF, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Gladstone Institute, Broad Institute, Green Biome Institute, Digital Equipment Corporation, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Berkeley Wireless Research Center, Moscape.

PhD and MS degrees in Biological Sciences, BioEngineering, Bioinformatics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, UCSF, AE College of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, NEU, RIT.

Several research publications and citations in leading peer reviewed international scientific journals and issued US Patents.